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About us

About us

Loto-Québec was founded in 1969 by the Québec government, primarily to allow the province to oversee the activities surrounding games of chance and to lessen organized crime's control of these activities. All profits are returned to the public in the form of services provided by the government.

As a State corporation with commercial activities, we have duties and responsibilities to the government and the people of Québec.

Our contribution is financial, and also social and environmental. Our top priority is to maintain balance between our economic mission and our social responsibility.


  • Mission

    To responsibly and efficiently manage games of chance in a controlled and measured fashion, in the interest of all Quebecers.

  • Vision

    To offer Quebecers first-rate entertainment thanks to an appealing, innovative and competitive offering, while remaining a recognized world leader in responsible commercialization.

  • Strategic orientations

    • Provide a positive customer experience across all distribution channels
    • Offer gaming and entertainment options that meet customers’ expectations
    • Actively contribute to the community—socially, economically and environmentally
    • Increase our agility and improve our processes
  • Values

    We base our activities on the values honoured by the entire organization:

    • Integrity and agility
    • Overall performance and innovation
    • Client-centred and creator of emotions
    • Synergy and pleasure

Business sectors and Subsidiaries

  • Lotteries

    The Lotteries team is responsible for the sale and marketing of instant and terminal-based lotteries. It manages a network of more than 8,400 retailers with lottery terminals, spread throughout the province.

  • Société des casinos du Québec

    Loto-Québec is responsible for operating and developing Québec’s casinos, gaming halls and online casino. It aims to ensure that its establishments provide the best in customer service while offering innovative and diverse games.

  • Société des établissements de jeux du Québec

    Loto-Québec markets and manages sports bettingnetwork bingo products, the Kinzo game and a network of video lottery terminals located in nearly 2,000 bars across Québec.

  • Casiloc

    Casiloc is responsible for all construction projects and supply and equipment acquisitions as well as choosing the location of the casino sites.

  • Lotim

    Lotim is the sole proprietor of the building located at 500 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest in Montréal, which serves as Loto-Québec’s head office.

  • Technologies Nter

    Technologies Nter's mission is to develop or acquire, then integrate and operate the computer systems used to support Loto-Québec's business objectives.

International visibility

Loto-Québec is a member of two large industry associations in the games of chance industry:


Over time, we have developed significant expertise in casino security and management matters, a fact that draws the interest of many foreign partners. Our internationally recognized knowledge enables us to hold a seat on the executive committee of the International Association for Casino Surveillance.

World firsts

Did you know? We were the world's first lottery corporation in the world to:

  • Operate a terminal-based sales network
  • Market a lottery linked with a televised game
  • Launch a lottery with a CD-ROM
  • Introduce an interactive terminal on the prevention of problem gambling in its casinos