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WLA Certification

WLA Certification

WLA Responsible Gaming Certification

In 2019, the World Lottery Association (WLA) renewed our Level 4 responsible gaming certification, the highest such international recognition. The WLA panel, comprised of noted international experts in the field of corporate social responsibility, first awarded us the same level of certification in 2009.

WLA logo - Certified - Level 4

The WLA is comprised of nearly 150 lottery corporations from more than 80 countries. To achieve such a high level of certification, we were required to display that the 7 responsible gaming principles adopted by the association are an integral part of our daily activities. These principles include protecting vulnerable clients and groups, collaborating with our stakeholders, and informing our players and the public in general.

What’s more, this recognition bears witness to the fact that we possess the resources necessary to continue to improve our responsible gaming support and awareness programs.  


WLA-SCS Security Control Standard

This certification attests to the security and integrity of our operational processes related to games of chance.

Specifically, we have to demonstrate every year to external accredited auditors that we continuously implement all required processes to meet the hundreds of objectives set by both the WLA-SCS standard and the ISO/IEC 27001 standard (Information Security Management).