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Netiquette is the set of rules of conduct and courtesy that govern Internet behaviour. Loto-Québec believes that interaction on its social media platforms, including those of its subsidiaries, must be respectful and polite in addition to complying with the Corporation’s Policy Concerning Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information. Here are the netiquette rules that apply to Loto-Québec:

  1. Loto-Québec social media platforms are intended only for individuals that are at least 18 years of age.
  2. Loto-Québec platforms are open to individuals of all sexes, races, religions, ethnic origins and sexual orientations.
  3. Interaction on Loto-Québec platforms transpires in French, but Loto-Québec responds in English to questions asked by users in that language.
  4. Loto-Québec’s answers to user questions are valid on date of publication. Users may not apply earlier answers to current or future situations.
  5. All interaction on Loto-Québec platforms is to be clear and must deal with issues that relate to the Corporation’s activities. Loto-Québec reserves the right to delete messages that are not related to its activities.
  6. Loto-Québec requires all interaction on its platforms to be respectful, harmonious and courteous. Users may voice disagreement with an idea, but must respect other users and employees of the Corporation. Insults, threats or harassment of other users or employees is prohibited. Moreover, defamatory, indecent, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, disgraceful, vulgar and any other type of violent language will not be tolerated.
  7. Loto-Québec encourages the exchange of opinions and points of view among users in its platforms, as long as these exchanges are not private conversations among two or more users.
  8. Repetitive messages are not permitted on Loto-Québec platforms, because they hinder the free and open exchange of information.
  9. Advertising and calls for mobilization are also prohibited on Loto-Québec social media platforms.
  10. The use of capital letters in messages is proscribed since this is associated with shouting and may be interpreted as a display of aggressiveness. Special characters should also be avoided (e.g., !!!!###***!) since they can be interpreted in different ways.
  11. Identity theft is a serious act that is not tolerated, nor is the use of multiple accounts or fake identities. Users deemed guilty of these types of infraction will be denied access and reported to the appropriate social media authorities.
  12. Text, photo, video and other content published on Loto-Québec platforms must comply with intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark ownership. Moreover, users must obtain the consent of any individual named in their content before publishing it.
  13. Adding hyperlinks to other sites is permitted in published content as long as the referred site has consented. However, Loto-Québec declines all responsibility for content on such sites.
  14. Loto-Québec takes the matter of responsible gambling and healthy gaming behaviour seriously. Trivializing this subject will not be tolerated on Loto-Québec platforms.
  15. Interaction on Loto-Québec platforms is not anonymous. All users can browse these social media platforms without necessarily having their own profile. As well, a user request to remove a published item from the web will not necessarily be granted. Search engines reference comments on social media even after they have been deleted. Users are thus reminded of the importance of reflecting on their comments before publishing them.
  16. Loto-Québec reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time without prior notice.

Comments by users who do not comply with these netiquette regulations may be removed and access privileges to Loto-Québec social media platforms by those users may be suspended.

Users that access Loto-Québec social media platforms or that make direct or indirect use of the latter for any purpose whatsoever, and persons that address official contributors on behalf of the Corporation, are subject to terms of use.

Users may report abuse by sending an e-mail to service_clientele@loto-quebec.com.