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Trustworthy operations

Trustworthy operations

Trustworthy operations: the cornerstone of our identity

Our corporation is where it is today namely because we have always ensured the trustworthiness of the games we market.

In fact, trustworthiness is one of our core values, reflected in all our areas of activity. No matter what your favourite game of chance, we guarantee that the odds of winning a prize are exactly the same for all players.

Over the years, we have adopted different policies and procedures to guide each of our critical activities: sales, drawings and prize payouts.

We disclose the rules for all of our games or products:

  • On lottery tickets
  • On the Internet
  • In each gaming establishment
  • In all our points of sale


Moreover, we implemented various measures to ensure that these rules are respected.

We also make it a point to offer appealing games as a valid alternative to illegal gaming.

Prize claim procedure

Maintaining the integrity of our operations is one of our daily priorities and requires constant vigilance. In 2007, we mandated KPMG to examine our prize claim procedure for lottery winners. A total of 35 recommendations were identified and applied: