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Policy concerning privacy and the protection of personal informationPrivacy

Loto-Québec strives to respect and safeguard the privacy of each User of its Web sites. This policy was developed to inform all Users of Loto-Québec’s commitment to this effect. Moreover, the terms described in the Conditions of Use also apply to this policy.

This policy governs the content and operation of the Loto-Québec Portal and Accounts, and all applications linked to any of the Portal’s sites that are available on mobile devices such as smart phones or electronic tablets (hereafter “mobile devices”) (hereafter, all of the former is individually and collectively referred to as the “Site”), as well as the authorized use of each User.

Users accept that this policy may be modified by Loto-Québec at any time and without prior notice and are bound to such modifications. Therefore, it is recommended that Users regularly consult this policy to remain apprised of its applicable terms. The specifics of the policy are as follows.


1. Personal information

1.1 Collection

The Site does not include any technology that could be used to collect personal information from the User without his or her consent. Users are free to use the Site, subject to the terms contained in the Conditions of Use governing the use of the Internet sites operated by Loto-Québec and its subsidiaries and, where applicable, to the Specific Online Gaming Conditions of Use without their personal information being collected.

No personal information is collected without the prior consent of the User. The only personal information that Loto-Québec may collect is information that is provided voluntarily by the User when writing directly to an e-mail address found on the Site, participating in a promotion, subscribing to a service, opening an account, or by other similar means. In order to be able to provide the requested service, open an account or comply with legal requirements, Loto-Québec reserves the right to request personal information or supporting documents from the User.

Some information may be collected for targeted advertising purposes. For more information, see the Cookies section.

1.2 Use

Personal information is processed and stored in the same manner as any other direct exchange between Loto-Québec and its customers (by email, telephone, etc.), that is to say, in accordance with the provisions of the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information, R.S.Q., c. A 2.1.

Personal information is used by Loto-Québec only as prescribed by law. This means that, except as prescribed by law, Loto-Québec will attempt to obtain the User's consent prior to making any use of information for purposes other than those for which the information was originally provided.

Personal information is accessible to Loto-Québec's employees, as such information is necessary to perform their duties.

Personal information provided by the User may be used by Loto-Québec and its service providers, notably for the following purposes:

  • To verify the User’s age, province of residence and whether he or she is self-excluded from any of Loto-Québec's gaming facilities, and, when necessary, to verify eligibility for requested services;
  • Provide the services requested by the User;
  • If applicable, manage any account related to these services and process transactions made in said account;
  • Verify whether the User is complying with the conditions of use of requested services and the law; and,
  • Compile statistics.

Loto-Québec reserves the right to publish the name, city of residence and photograph of all winners, including in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

1.3 Release

Loto-Québec may release personal information when so required by law or by a directive from a competent authority.

Loto-Québec may also release personal information to service providers, including service providers located outside the Province of Québec and Canada. In such cases, Loto-Québec remains responsible for the protection of the confidentiality of such information.

1.4 Conservation and Destruction

Personal information is kept by Loto-Québec in accordance with Loto-Québec's document retention schedule.

Loto-Québec uses the appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of personal information.

Personal information is destroyed in a secure and confidential manner.

1.5 Access and Correction

All Users have the right to access their own personal information held by Loto-Québec and may request in writing that incorrect, incomplete or ambiguous information be corrected. In order to access personal information held by Loto-Québec, a request must be made.


2. Automatically exchanged information

Information exchanged automatically between computers cannot be used to personally identify the User. Such data is collected for the sole purpose of meeting the technical requirements of Web browsing and is used for statistical purposes only.

The User should be aware that each time he or she accesses the Site, an exchange of information takes place, automatically and without the need for intervention, between his or her computer or mobile device and Loto-Québec's servers and third parties. This information in no way personally identifies the User.


The following information is exchanged:

  • The domain name (for instance, "company.com" if the user is using a private Internet access account, or "university.edu" if he or she is accessing the Web through a university), and the IP address (in general terms, an IP address is a unique identifier assigned to a computer or mobile device when it is linked to the Internet, which allows documents addressed to that computer to be sent without error).
  • The type of Web browser and operating system being used to access the Site.
  • The pages being consulted.
  • The site (referring site) from which the User has browsed, if any, in order to reach a Loto-Québec's Site.
  • If the User has already visited one of Loto-Québec's sites in the past few weeks, it is possible to identify the User by means of a "cookie" residing on his or her computer (see point 3).

Loto-Québec uses Google Analytics in its Site. In accordance with the overall conditions, Loto-Québec is required to inform the User of how the information will be utilized. For further details, consult Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/partners.

Loto-Québec also stores information needed to track the number of Users of the site, the most frequently accessed pages, the technology used to access Loto-Québec's Web sites, the referring sites, and the country of origin of Users of Loto-Québec's Web sites.


3. Cookies

Some of Loto-Québec's Web sites place permanent or temporary cookies on the User's hard disk drives. These cookies are used mainly to simplify Users' browsing experience by "remembering" their language preference. Other permanent cookies may be used, for instance, to track how many times a User returns to one of Loto-Québec's Web sites within a given period.

Other cookies (advertising cookies) are used to collect data for the distribution of advertising messages. These cookies determine the type of ad that is most appropriate according to the User’s browsing history and are associated to an IP address that identifies the computer. The cookies do not record or collect the User’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or any other personal identification information. Only general data is collected: for example, the computer operating system, browser, pages that were viewed and the time they were viewed, the geographical location of the Internet service provider and general demographic information drawn from anonymous online surveys such as gender and age range.

For some Loto-Québec Web sites to work properly, the User's browser must be set to accept cookies. However, the User can then erase these cookies from his or her computer or mobile device without affecting its ability to display Loto-Québec Web sites.

Deactivation of advertising cookies

Loto-Québec allows the deactivation of cookies associated with advertising messages. Deactivating these cookies prevents the use of information related to the User’s history and browsing behaviour for targeted advertising purposes. While deactivating the cookies does not prevent the transmission of advertising to a computer, the messages sent will be more generic and not tailored to the User’s behaviour.


  • For the cookie deactivation to work, the User’s browser must accept third-party cookies from Loto-Québec.
  • No other cookies associated with the User’s browser will be affected.
  • Deactivation of Loto-Québec’s ad cookies will remain in effect for the life of the browser or until Users erase the cookie from their disk. The cookie deactivation process erases the cookie’s data file, but not the cookie as such. The deactivation cookie must be kept on the User’s computer for the deactivation option to be recorded. If Users deactivate the cookie and later change their mind, they may reactivate the cookie by clicking on the reactivation link above.


4. For more information

For more information, contact Loto-Québec Customer Service at customer_service@loto-quebec.com or by phone.

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except holidays)
Telephone: 1-866-611-LOTO (toll-free) or 1-866-611-5686