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Loto-Québec is committed to making it possible for the handicapped, be they customers, business partners or employees, to participate in its diverse activities. To that end, Loto-Québec implements and promotes practices that encourage the handicapped to engage socially and physically.

Accessible buildings

Loto-Québec makes all its buildings accessible to customers.

The following are measures we put in place to ensure that its buildings are accessible to disabled persons:

  • Access ramps
  • Reserved parking spots
  • Wheelchair loans
  • Automatic opening systems on several main entry and exit doors
  • Elevator command panels with braille inscriptions and certain elevators with a voice synthesizer to announce floors

Québec’s four casinos (Montréal, Lac-Leamy, Mont-Tremblant and Charlevoix) are included in the database of over 1,700 tourism businesses certified “partially or totally accessible.”

The Trois-Rivières gaming hall and the Québec City gaming hall are entirely accessible.

More more information on the accessibility of Loto-Québec’s buildings, go to:

An accessible website

Government of Québec standards of accessibility

Loto-Québec is committed to ensuring that everyone is able to access its website, whether or not they have a handicap. That is why the Corporation does its best to comply with Web accessibility standards adopted by the Québec government’s Conseil du trésor.

Standard sur l’accessibilité d’un site Web (in French only)

  • Accessibility measures in place

    We endeavour to continually improve our site.

    In remodelling the corporate website, Loto-Québec’s teams placed particular focus on:

    • Compliance with W3C standards
    • Possibility of replacing images with text
    • Colour contrast (the background to text contrast of all site elements is equal to or higher than 4.5:1)
    • Language change management
    • Ease of navigation and links
  • Compatibility with browsers

    Our web site is compatible with all browsers that meet W3C standards.

    For security reasons, you are encouraged to always use the most recent browser and to keep it up to date.

    The most up-to-date versions are free and available for download now:

  • Accessibility has been verified with the following software:

    • Firefox modules: Firebug,  version 2.0.15;
    • Web Developer Toolbar, version 1.2.5;
    • Firefox Accessibility Extension, version 1.5.6;
    • WAVE Toolbar, version 1.1.6;
    • Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar, version 1.7;
    • Accessibility Evaluator Toolbar, version;
    • Opquast Desktop, version 1.0 - RC8.1;
    • Colour Contrast Analyser, version 2.0;
    • Tanaguru Contrast Finder, version; 
    • HTML CodeSniffer;
    • NVDA 2016.1 (for PC);
    • Jaws 16, French Canadian version (for PC);
    • VoiceOver (for Safari in iOS 7.0, on iPad and on iPhone).
  • Telephone assistance

    If you need assistance to browse the site or if you cannot access certain content using assistive technology, please contact us at the following toll-free number: 1-866-611-5686 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).


    Technical help

    To fully enjoy an interactive experience on our site, you may need to obtain the following free plug-in, available on the following download site:

    Acrobat ReaderAdobe Reader for PDF documents

    If you prefer, you may go back to the site without downloading the plug-in.

    Our site was developed with a responsive web design to automatically resize in order to fit your computer screen or mobile device.

    Our site was tested on the main platforms in existence in April 2017.