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ARcade by Moment Factory launches at the Casino de Montréal

An entire level dedicated to a brand-new entertainment experience

ARcade by Moment Factory launches at the Casino de Montréal

An entire level dedicated to a brand-new entertainment experience

Montréal, November 8, 2023 — Casino de Montréal customers can enjoy the ARcade by Moment Factory gaming experience starting tomorrow. The new entertainment offer gets players moving on the interactive floor in a spirit of friendly competition. The only prize up for grabs is a whole lot of fun!


ARcade arose from the fusion of multimedia and video game technology. Each of the two play areas hosts teams of a minimum of four players who choose from the six interactive games offered. The various difficulty levels mean players can move as little or as much as they want! A team of hosts is right there, along with the players, making the atmosphere even more fun.


Watch this ARcade video.


Having fun as a group is what this level is all about

The entire Pavillon du Québec’s first level was redesigned to accommodate ARcade, the perfect activity for groups of friends or colleagues. The space also includes an area with over 20 fun games and a bar, which hosts a DJ a few nights a week. It also offers a menu specially designed for this environment. The entire level is dedicated to a new offer without games of chance where visitors can have fun differently.


“We’re very proud to welcome Moment Factory at the Casino de Montréal, a one-of-a-kind place in the city. ARcade gives our customers a chance to enjoy a different form of entertainment, in addition to our shows—whether free or in the performance hall—and our restaurants. The activity is original and perfect for groups looking for a fun time unlike any other,” said Kevin Taylor, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Casinos and Gaming Halls at Loto-Québec.


“ARcade embodies our vision of entertainment at Moment Factory: bringing people together in the real world for a unique experience. With this concept created in our Montreal studio and presented to the public for the first time, we offer a new way to have fun and create human connections through multimedia and innovation. With ARcade, Casino de Montréal’s visitors can engage in a playful and interactive competition where they use their bodies to control the game!” added Jonathan St-Onge, General Manager – Signature Ticketed Experiences at Moment Factory.



To see the schedule and book a play area (30- or 60-minute slots), visit ARcade


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Spokesperson and Director of Media Relations

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