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End of the third quarter of fiscal 2022–2023Exceptional results for Loto-Québec

End of the third quarter of fiscal 2022–2023Exceptional results for Loto-Québec

Montréal, March 7, 2023 — Loto-Québec posted total revenues of $2.225B and a consolidated net income of $1.204B at the end of the third quarter of 2022–2023. It is its best performance since the Tobacco Control Act came into force, significantly impacting traffic at gaming establishments. These represent increases of $521.9M (+30.7%) and $295.8M (+32.6%), respectively, over the same period last year. Increases over the three first quarters of the pre-pandemic fiscal year (2019–2020) amount to 5.8% for revenues and 11.3% for net income.


Sound management efforts continued across all sectors, which resulted in an excellent ratio of total expenses to revenues of 28.2%, compared to 30.9% over the same period in fiscal 2019–2020.




“Our teams’ sustained efforts led us to these exceptional results and to our best performance in 17 years. All indications are that we will be able to pay a higher dividend than expected to the government, and that benefits all Quebecers. I’m very proud of our work,” says Jean-François Bergeron.


“Thank you to our teams for incessantly improving our on-site and online entertainment offer, providing our customers with a quality experience and magical moments. The excitement our renewed programming and offer created is palpable at our casinos and gaming halls.”


“Many acts of generosity highlighted this quarter, including our participation in the Government of Québec’s Entraide campaign. We also supported other causes with our Détaillants de cœur initiative and remained committed to the fight against food insecurity by organizing, among other things, activities benefiting the Moisson organizations.”


For the period between April 1 and December 26, 2022



  • Lottery revenues amounted to $742.2M, which is a $2.6M (+0.4%) increase over the same period in 2021–2022.


  • Lotto Max performed well. It paid more grand prizes of $50M or more and more Maxmillions than during the same period in 2021–2022.


  • Online lottery sales revenues represent 13.0% of the sector’s total revenues, compared to 3.7% for the same period in 2019–2020.


Casinos and gaming halls

  • Casino and gaming hall revenues stand at $829.3M for a $313.9M (+60.9%) increase over the same period in 2021–2022 and a $69.0M (+9.1%) increase over the same period in 2019–2020.


  • The increase over last year can be explained in part by gaming location closures in 2021, whereas operations have returned to normal since the current fiscal year began.


  • Online casino sales revenues represent 24.3% of the sector’s total revenues, compared to 9.1% for the same period of the pre-pandemic fiscal year.


Gaming establishments

  • Gaming establishment revenues amounted to $686.5M, which is a $214.5M (+45.4%) increase over the same period in 2021–2022. Revenues from video lottery terminals remain similar to their pre-pandemic levels.


  • The increase can be explained by the same factor as for casinos and gaming halls: establishment closures in 2021.


For the period between September 27 and December 26, 2022


  • Loto-Québec paid $397.1M to lottery, network bingo and Kinzo winners over the quarter, totalling $1.103B since April 1. There were 32 new millionaires during the quarter, for a total of 69 since the beginning of the fiscal year.


  • Another phase of the 100% Legal campaign was rolled out. This time, its message focused on the local aspect: 100% of the amounts played on lotoquebec.com remain in Québec and benefit the entire population.


  • New sportsbooks were set up, to the delight of sports fans. The first one was at the Casino du Lac-Leamy in November and the second at the Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières in January, shortly after the end of the quarter.


  • The 40 Célébration attendees were able to enjoy the gala in person this year at the Théâtre du Casino du Lac-Leamy. Sébastien Benoit, Gregory Charles and Véronic DiCaire hosted the event, which wowed not only attendees, but also all 1,290,000 viewers.


  • The corporation signed a new agreement with Gestev to handle programming at the Théâtre du Casino du Lac-Leamy. Just as it has been doing at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal for the last year, this major event producer now offers a varied lineup of performances to the public of the National Capital Region as well.


  • The third edition of the campaign inviting players to manage their gaming took place in October, focusing on the importance of setting limits. It aimed at encouraging players on lotoquebec.com to voluntarily set time and loss limits.


  • Loto-Québec supports several causes and non-profit organizations. Such initiatives, now under the Giving Back is a Win-Win program, made it possible for causes dear to Quebecers to receive over $1M this fall.


  • Three of our establishments renewed their BOMA BEST certification this quarter, which recognizes excellence in energy and environmental management and performance in commercial real estate. The Casino du Lac-Leamy received the top certification level: Platinum.


  • Loto-Québec is committed to highlighting the creative and innovative spirit in the field of gaming and entertainment and, more broadly, of innovation by supporting the next generation. The corporation attended the MEGAMIGS festival and HUB Montréal, in addition to awarding several grants.


The quarterly report [PDF – 3.04 MB, in French only] is available on Loto-Québec’s website.



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