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CSN-affiliated Employees at Casinos Declare Strike: Unusual union demandsCasinos continue to welcome customers

CSN-affiliated Employees at Casinos Declare Strike: Unusual union demandsCasinos continue to welcome customers

Montréal, July 5, 2023 — Loto-Québec is disappointed with the union’s decision to continue with an unlimited general strike, considering that all the components needed to reach an agreement are available. The employer has tabled a generous comprehensive monetary offer.

The corporation is determined to propose significant improvements to working conditions while ensuring that public funds are managed soundly.


Union demands salary increases of 24% over 3 years 

The union’s demands more than double what was agreed upon with the rest of the organization’s employees over the last year. The union wishes to double evening, night and weekend allowances and wage subsidies, which alone account for a 24% increase over 3 years, among other demands.


It is worth noting that seven other collective agreements for casino employees within the same job classifications were renewed in 2022, to the satisfaction of all parties.


Salaries that stand 20% above the reference market

Loto-Québec is committed to offering good working conditions to all its employees. Casino salaries are well above the reference market—over 20% for most job classifications.


Working conditions are all the more attractive and competitive for staff when benefits are taken into account: incentive pay, many allowances and a defined benefit pension plan. In addition, most CSN-affiliated employees benefited from the positive financial results of the last year through the incentive pay to which they are entitled. Nearly 65% of hours worked entail allowances, helping to increase attractiveness and retention.


These are some total compensation examples as per the employer’s offer, topped up by a generous retirement fund:

  • Security agent: $67,425
  • First cook: $65,194
  • Slot machine attendant: $70,575
  • Housekeeping attendant: $57,648


Attractive jobs: 300 new casino hires

The corporation is facing the same attractiveness and retention issues as most organizations. Despite the current context, the attractive conditions resulted in over 300 new hires at the casinos since April 1. The corporation is also proud to count on experienced personnel at its casinos, nearly 30% of whom have cumulated 25 or more years of service. 


Ongoing casino and gaming hall activities

The Casino du Lac-Leamy, Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières and Salon de jeux de Québec will remain open according to their regular hours. The Montréal, Charlevoix and Mont-Tremblant casinos are open, albeit on a modified schedule specific to each location, and some services are limited. For information purposes, the Casino de Montréal opens at 2 p.m. Details are available on the casinos’ website. The strike does not affect dealers at the Montréal, Charlevoix and Lac-Leamy casinos.


The lotoquebec.com site is also open, however, the call centre is closed during the strike.


Loto-Québec wishes to resume serious and constructive discussions with the union and the conciliator, so the situation can be settled equitably for all its employees while ensuring that public funds are managed soundly.


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Renaud Dugas
Spokesperson and Director of Media Relations

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