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2021–2022 Fiscal YearLoto-Québec reaches its target and makes significant contributions to the community

2021–2022 Fiscal YearLoto-Québec reaches its target and makes significant contributions to the community

Montréal, June 1, 2022 — Loto-Québec had a very good 2021–2022 fiscal year despite the COVID-19-related closures. Its total revenues reached $2.217 billion, up $809.7 million (+57.5%) compared to 2020–2021. It generated a consolidated net income of $1.143 billion, meeting its budget target and posting an increase of $685.6 million (+149.8%) from the previous fiscal year. As for the lottery sector, it reported the best results in its history.


As a result, the corporation’s total revenue and consolidated net income reached 81% and 84%, respectively, of their pre-pandemic levels from 2019–2020 at a time when gaming locations were open for approximately 60% of 2021–2022.


Thanks to sound management, Loto-Québec achieved its best ratio of total expenses to revenues, at 29.4%. This ratio was 33.0% in 2019–2020. All sectors have contributed to this remarkable achievement.




“Since my arrival, I’ve been able to discover the full extent of Loto-Québec’s range of products and services, but more importantly, the scope of its contributions, and it’s truly impressive. Everything we do benefits the people of Québec, and that goes far beyond the $1.118 billion dividend we plan to contribute to the government this year,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Jean-François Bergeron.


“Our excellent results were achieved by talented, skilled, and dedicated employees. They’ve shown determination and that they’ve been able to adapt, particularly when operations resumed following closures on two occasions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m very proud and, above all, extremely satisfied with the efforts made by all teams. All of Québec benefits.”


“During the last fiscal year, we gave away close to $1.5 billion in prizes to lottery winners, including 131 prizes worth $1 million or more, which were all-time highs. We also made $356 million in purchases from local businesses, and paid $268 million in commissions to our Québec business partners. In addition, we contributed more than $10 million to various non-profit organizations, and our sponsorship program helped to support some 50 events across Québec.”




  • With revenues of $1.043 billion, the lottery sector surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time and had the best year in its history thanks to the excellent work of the teams in place. This is an increase of $185.1 million (+21.6%) compared to 2020–2021, and of $114.0 million (+12.3%) compared to 2019–2020.
  • Lotto Max recorded its best performance since its launch due to the exceptional sequences of major jackpots and prize pool records. The instant games and event betting categories also performed very well.
  • The increase in online lottery game revenues was $4.2 million (+3.5%), due in part to website improvements. Revenues from online gaming now represent 12.0% of total lottery revenues, compared to 4.2% in 2019–2020.


Casinos and gaming halls

  • For the casino and gaming hall sector, revenues were $657.2 million, an increase of $323.5 million (+96.9%) compared to the previous year. This is 68% of the 2019–2020 result, when establishments were open for approximately 60% of the fiscal year with a number of restrictions, including limited capacity and reduced hours.
  • Customers were eager to return once locations reopened. The teams’ efforts to revitalize and optimize the offering in line with customer expectations have paid off.
  • The continuously improved offering of lotoquebec.com and website enhancements have helped maintain the online casino revenue growth, which amounted to $18.4 million (+7.4%). Its revenues represent 40.4% of total casino and gaming hall revenues, compared to 10.1% in 2019–2020.


Gaming establishments

  • The gaming establishments sector recorded revenues of $524.1 million. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of $306.7 million (+141.1%). This is 60% of the 2019–2020 result, which was when gaming establishments were open during the fiscal year.
  • This increase can be attributed to the higher number of days in operation than in the previous year. It is also due to efficient preparation for the reopening and the outstanding collaboration of all stakeholders.
  • The difficulties experienced by bars, which were heavily impacted by the effects of the pandemic, affected revenues from video lottery terminals.


    Online gaming

  • For the 2021–2022 fiscal year, revenues from lotoquebec.com (lottery and casino games) totalled $390.9 million, an increase of $22.6 million (+6.1%) compared to 2020–2021. Revenues from the website represent 17.6% of Loto-Québec’s total revenues, while they only accounted for 5.0% in 2019–2020.
  • Efforts to enhance the website to ensure its competitive edge, most notably vis-à-vis illegal websites, have contributed significantly to the continued growth of online gaming revenues.




  • At the end of June 2021, Ann MacDonald was appointed Chair of the Loto-Québec Board of Directors. She succeeded Hélène F. Fortin, who held this position since 2008.
  • During the year, teams reopened facilities and resumed operations on two occasions when the easing of COVID-19 public health measures allowed. On each of these occasions, the priority was to ensure that the reopening was carried out so that all staff and customers could stay safe as per the public health measures in effect, but still have fun.
  • A number of business initiatives were introduced over the past year, such as the Méga 360 lottery game and single-event betting. These new products have been very well received by customers.
  • Loto-Québec’s first charitable lottery game, Loto-o-suivant, was launched along with the Play to Give Promotion in casinos and gaming halls, resulting in a total of $750,000 in prizes being awarded to winners, and the equivalent to various Québec non-profit organizations, including Moisson du Québec.
  • The corporation continues to place a strong emphasis on the responsible commercialization of its offering. This included a contribution of $28.8 million towards problem gambling prevention.
  • A campaign promoting tools for responsible gambling online, including the ability to set a time limit, took place in summer 2021. This proved very popular with customers, as evidenced by the growing use of gambling management tools. 
  • Faced with the omnipresence of illegal websites, Loto-Québec launched a campaign reminding the public that lotoquebec.com is the only legal casino and sports betting website in Québec.
  • On November 29, the Salon de jeux de Québec opened its doors at its new location at the Méga Centre Beauport, which also has a prize claim office. The latter was inaugurated in grand style on November 16, with the presentation of a $50 million Lotto Max jackpot to a group of six who won with a Formule groupe ticket.
  • Launched in the first quarter of the year, the 2021–2023 Loto-Québec Corporate Social Responsibility Plan [available in French only] provides an overall picture of the corporation’s actions in favour of sustainable development. It includes a number of commitments to players, the environment, employees, and the community.
  • Loto-Québec has proudly contributed to the recovery of the arts and culture sector. Its sponsorship program has provided funding to some 50 events across Québec, much to the delight of festival-goers.
  • This year marked the Hilton Lac-Leamy’s 20th anniversary. Since its opening, the five-star hotel has received numerous awards of excellence in customer service.


The 2021–2022 Annual Report [PDF – 5.9 MB, in French only] is available on Loto-Québec’s website. The English version will be made available at a later date.


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Spokesperson and Head of Press Relations

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