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Atchoum, the “hairy but not scary” Persian cat from Québec,now has his own scratch ticket!

Atchoum, the “hairy but not scary” Persian cat from Québec,now has his own scratch ticket!

Montréal, February 26, 2021 — His fluffy look has made him a social media sensation. And now players are able to coo over (and scratch!) a new lottery game featuring photos of the famous Québec feline, as Loto-Québec recently launched the Atchoum le chat scratch ticket!

Atchoum is the most popular cat in Québec. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Twitter, Atchoum continues to draw hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. So what makes the Persian kitty so special? His extreme furriness and unique werewolf-like look, which is the result of a rare hormonal condition!

His owner, Nathalie Côté, who shares her cat’s daily adventures, says she’s delighted to partner with Loto-Québec in increasing Atchoum’s celebrity status. The kitty posed for all three scratch ticket designs, and the ticket’s symbols are a nod to the world of domestic felines.

This isn’t the first time that Loto-Québec has partnered with Québec celebrities to create new lottery games. Comedy duo Les Denis Drolet, tattoo artist Rebecca Guinard, interior designer Emilie Cerretti, and visual artist Marie-Claude Marquis are all Québec celebs who’ve contributed to the design of scratch tickets in recent years.

Atchoum le chat scratch tickets will be sold at Loto-Québec retailers for $2, and give players a shot at up to $10,000. Exclusive content related to the lottery game will also be published on Loto-Québec’s social media pages.


Renaud Dugas
Senior Advisor, Media and Public Affairs

Marilaine Bolduc-Jacob
Communications Advisor

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