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$755,896The biggest online bad beat jackpot ever was won!

$755,896The biggest online bad beat jackpot ever was won!

Montréal, May 4, 2020 — On April 30, Montréal resident Raymond Desjardins won $188,974 playing Poker – Bad beat table on lotoquebec.com.


In summary

  • Game: Poker – Bad beat table on lotoquebec.com
  • Prize: $188,974
  • Date of the win: April 30, 2020
  • Winner’s place of residence: Montréal



  • On the evening of April 30, Raymond was playing poker on OK POKER.

  • It was only when it got to the river, and the cards already dealt were a 10 of spades, 6 of diamonds, 10 of hearts, 8 of spades and 7 of spades, that he realized he had a straight flush of spades. Raymond immediately called over his son: “Come see! I’ve got a straight flush!”

  • When one of his opponents decided to go all in, he knew he was about to win big. “That’s when I saw my opponent play the worst beat hand. When I saw those two 10s, that was it... I was ecstatic! My son and I let out a big whoop,” the Montrealer excitedly explained to us over the phone.

  • “It was a really happy moment. I can only imagine how my opponent felt when he saw that he’d won the most money with his losing hand!”

  • Raymond took home $188,974, while his opponent with the second highest ranking hand (or worst beat hand) won $377,974. The other players at the table pocketed a cool $31,495 each.

  • Raymond, who loves to fish, says he’s still in shock and wants to wait a little before making any plans on how he’ll spend the money. He does, however, plan to celebrate the win with family!


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