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$811,669A Montrealer plays online for the first time and wins big!

$811,669A Montrealer plays online for the first time and wins big!

Montréal, July 9, 2020 — Montrealer Jacqueline Arseneault took home a whopping $811,669 while playing Golden Goddess MegaJackpots on lotoquebec.com. “I opened an account online after seeing that Loto-Québec was celebrating its 50th anniversary,” the lucky winner admitted.


In summary

  • Game: Golden Goddess MegaJackpots
  • Prize: $811,669
  • Win date: June 25, 2020
  • Winner’s place of residence: Montréal



  • Jacqueline opened an account on lotoquebec.com after seeing an offer on Facebook from Loto-Québec as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.
  • On the morning of June 25, she decided to try her luck and play online for the very first time. The decision paid off big time and she snagged the Golden Goddess MegaJackpots’ progressive jackpot!
  • “I saw a message pop up and went to get a magnifying glass so that I could read it. My heart was racing, I was so excited!” confided the winner of $811,669. 
  • She wasted no time in calling Loto-Québec’s customer service team so they could confirm her win.
  • “So it's really me, I’m the winner? This isn’t a joke?” she repeated over the phone.
  • The young retiree says that, with the money, she’ll be able to bring a lot of her plans to fruition, and spoil her family.
  • “It’s crazy! I’m speechless,” she exclaimed before the call ended.


COVID-19: How to claim your prize

As part of the collective effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and to protect the health of its customers and employees, Loto-Québec temporarily suspended in-person prize claims at its prize claim offices on March 18. We’re asking winners of prizes of $25,000 or more who have a physical lottery ticket to contact Loto-Québec’s customer service team.


Please note: Owners of physical lottery tickets with an expiry date between March 17 and September 17, 2020, inclusively who’ve won a prize will have an additional six months to claim it. We advise them to hold on to their ticket(s); they’ll be able to claim their prize when things get back to normal. The payment terms for prizes won on lotoquebec.com remain the same.


About Loto-Québec

Loto-Québec’s mission is to responsibly and efficiently manage games of chance in a controlled and measured fashion in the interest of all Quebecers. Entertainment is at the heart of its activities. In 2019, Loto-Québec paid out 88 prizes of $1 million or more. The Gagnant à vie and Grande Vie lotteries have provided 23 lucky winners with a lifetime annuity. Major prize winners are listed on the Winners page of the Lotteries website.


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Corporate Director, Media and Public Affairs

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Head of Media and Public Affairs

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