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$60,000,000 Discover the winners of the Lotto Max jackpot

$60,000,000 Discover the winners of the Lotto Max jackpot

Drummondville, June 14, 2018 – $60,000,000 is the whopping amount won by a group of Centre-du-Québec residents at the June 8 Lotto Max draw! The winners, who did not know each other, had all played using Formule groupe and split the jackpot in 10 equal shares of $6,000,000.


The new multimillionaires celebrated together and received their cheques at a festive meeting with the media today in Drummondville.


The top Lotto Max jackpot has now been won in Québec a total of four times in the past 18 months!


Here are the lucky winners, their plans and their reactions:


  • France Bergeron Savoie wants to buy a tractor!
  • Angèle Cusson is still on cloud nine… She is in disbelief.
  • Daniel Devin and Chantale Roy plan on take full advantage of their winnings with their children. Ms. Roy had joked with her spouse that he would be a millionaire before age 40… Done!
  • André Gauthier, a prankster, brought his children together to talk about his funeral arrangements… but they were actually in for some good news! This winner just wants to enjoy life surrounded by his family.
  • Gilles Giguère plans on buying a new car. He exclaimed, “The sky’s the limit!”
  • André Goupil and Denise Bolduc will be pampering themselves and travelling. Ms. Bolduc told the cashier when she went to validate her ticket: “If I win and pass out, call an ambulance!” Mr. Goupil’s eyes twinkled with joy when he heard the news.
  • Céline Mailhot Cusson, Sylvain Cusson as well as their daughters Vicky and Anick Cusson plan on sharing some quality family time together.
  • Christiane Picotin will be making renovations. After finding out she had won, she first called her son, then her daughter, then the rest of the family.
  • Daniel Robitaille and Louise Garneau, who are still in disbelief, will be flying off to Europe and other dream destinations!


One share is of yet unclaimed. The winner is sure to turn up in the coming days.


In short

  • Lottery: Lotto Max
  • Prize won: $60,000,000
  • Category: Jackpot
  • Draw date: June 8, 2018
  • Odds of winning the jackpot: 1 in 28,633,528 with 1 play
  • Winner’s place of residence: Centre-du-Québec
  • Retailer: Jean Coutu (350, boulevard Saint-Joseph, Drummondville)
  • The retailer will receive a 1% commission of $600,000.



  • “We are always happy when the jackpot is won in Québec. This year, we have already awarded 72 prizes worth $1,000,000 or more, making for 58 new millionaires!” noted Lynne Roiter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loto-Québec.


Lotto Max winners in Québec

  • Thanks to Lotto Max, several Quebecers have struck luck. Since the lottery was launched, 23 jackpots have been won in Québec, including 4 worth $60,000,000, at the draw of June 8, 2018, as well as December 22, February 10 and January 6, 2017. These are the largest jackpots ever won in Québec. What’s more, 3 jackpots of $55,000,000 were won on June 2 and April 21, 2017, as well as July 17, 2015. Three other jackpots of $50,000,000 were won at the draws of May 6, 2016, May 31, 2013, and July 6, 2012. The 23 prizes total over 843 million dollars!


  • Other than the jackpots, several prizes of a million dollars or more were won in the four corners of the province, including 106 Maxmillions. Add to these 80 shares in additional Maxmillions prizes. With Lotto Max, Quebecers have won 1.8 billion dollars!


About Loto-Québec

Loto-Québec’s mission is to responsibly and efficiently manage games of chance in a controlled and measured fashion, in the interest of all Quebecers. Entertainment is at the heart of its activities. From January 1 to June 14, 2018, Loto-Québec paid out 72 prizes worth $1 million or more and created 58 millionaires. Gagnant à vie! and Grande Vie lotteries have provided 11 lucky winners with a lifetime annuity.


Patrice Lavoie
Corporate Director, Public Affairs, Press Relations and Social Media

Danny Racine
Communications Advisor

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