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Fondation Les Petits Rois and Loto-QuébecWork experience for 16 young adults with cognitive impairment

Fondation Les Petits Rois and Loto-QuébecWork experience for 16 young adults with cognitive impairment

Montréal, October 27, 2017 –Loto-Québec is participating in an innovative work placement program designed by the Fondation Les Petits Rois. Through this collaboration, sixteen 21-year-olds with moderate to severe cognitive impairment, with or without autism spectrum disorders, will participate in an internship at the government corporation’s offices in order to improve their employability. Thanks to a five-year agreement starting on November 6, 2017, they will get to experience the working world in the constant company of a professional at the Corporation’s head office in Montréal by carrying out various administrative and light housekeeping tasks on a full-time basis.


This is the Fondation’s fourth initiative of the kind, following projects with retailer Le Château, the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal and Cirque du Soleil, where a total of 17 persons acquired stimulating, well-framed and safe professional experience.


For Loto-Québec, this collaboration with the Fondation is part of the five-year responsible commercialization plan it introduced in 2015. The plan illustrates how the Corporation has evolved and increasingly integrates sustainable development principles in its business model. Practical actions have been initiated in all its business sectors to tackle societal challenges, including the workplace integration of young adults with cognitive impairment.


“With Loto-Québec, we will be taking it a step further,” explained Vânia Aguiar, President of the Fondation. “Until now, access to jobs was restricted to young adults with mild impairments. This is the first time that beneficiaries with a severe deficiency will be included.” The training program was initiated at Centre Champagnat, an adult education school at the CSDM (Commission scolaire de Montréal), who saw that this internship project could give more severely impaired people a chance to contribute to a workplace environment. Another major partner in the program is the CIUSSS Centre-ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, who provides the counsellors that enable the young people to integrate in the community.


Ms. Aguiar indicated that this type of partnership is extremely important, as it allows the beneficiaries to have a meaningful and safe experience in an environment where differences can be quickly forgotten. “Our young people can now get real-world experience in an organization that gives them a chance to join the work force after five years. Loto-Québec’s welcome leads us to believe they can enjoy a better future.”


Each internship position will require the deployment of a well-framed plan: safe transportation, constant guidance as soon as the intern arrives at the workplace and the establishment of a structure for learning the tasks to be carried out. The success of such a large-scale project relies on the skills and commitment of many people. Teams from the Human Resources and Social Responsibility Departments, via the Tous Gagnants program, took on and developed the project. “I’m pleased that our organization can actively contribute to the development of young adults with cognitive impairment by offering them an opportunity for real-world work experience,” said André Dumouchel, Corporate Vice-President, Human Resources, Loto-Québec.


“I am proud of Loto-Québec’s association with the Fondation, an organization that does important work for a cause I care about personally. It is a compassionate project that raises awareness about the reality of cognitive impairment and also gives young adults a chance to have some control over their lives,” commented Fabrice Briatte, Project Leader, Creation and Development, Loto-Québec.


At the end of their academic cycle, i.e. when they reach 21 years of age, adults with severe cognitive impairment become eligible for services to help them integrate in the community and consolidate their skills. The Fondation Les Petits Rois provides them with guidance throughout their academic and post-academic training. Their staff also support government and academic decision-makers in setting up special educational and professional projects these young adults require.


The 16th edition of the Fondation’s benefit auction was held on October 25, producing a record $167,000 in donations that will be used to pursue the organization’s many valuable projects.


Patrice Lavoie
Corporate Director, Public Affairs, Press Relations and Social Media

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