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Responsible commercialization

Responsible commercialization

Reconciling our commercial and social mandates

All our activities – from the initial concept for a game of chance to its marketing – are undertaken in compliance with our mission and our vision. At the same time, we seek to maintain our position as a recognized worldwide leader in responsible commercialization by optimizing our economic, social and environmental performance at every step of our activities.

A comprehensive approach

Our commitments relating to responsible commercialization are detailed in the 2015-2020 Responsible Commercialization Plan [in French only, PDF – 6.1 MB]. The plan provides information on our part in meeting the objectives established in the government’s 2015-2020 sustainable development strategy. It illustrates how we have evolved and increasingly integrate sustainable development principles in our business model. Concrete actions are being taken across our business sectors and at every step of our projects in order to address societal issues.


The plan is based on the following 5 commitments:


1. Provide our employees with a stimulating work environment

  • Foster employee commitment to reaching business objectives
  • Establish responsible commercialization as a fundamental of our organizational culture


2. Optimize responsible gaming measures in all our commercialization activities

  • Development: Provide, via our game creation and acquisition process, dynamic and competitive offerings that integrate responsible gaming principles.
  • Distribution: Ensure that the Code of Responsible Commercialization is respected by retailers, raise player awareness regarding healthy gaming behaviour and take action to support players facing difficulties with gambling.
  • Communication: Design and communicate relevant information to help players make informed decisions regarding their participation so they can enjoy this entertainment without losing control of their gaming habits.


3. Ensure the trustworthiness of games and distribution channels

  • Communicate the rules applicable to all games
  • Implement controls to ensure the rules are respected
  • Ensure all players are treated fairly


4. Continue efforts to improve overall performance

  • From a social standpoint: Contribute to community vitality and improve social program performance
  • From an economic standpoint: Ensure efficient and effective resource management
  • From an environmental standpoint: Optimize initiatives relating to infrastructure acquisition, operation and management
  • From an overall standpoint: Measure overall performance and give a full account in a transparent way


5. Encourage dialogue between stakeholders to mesh complementary roles as efficiently as possible